Dear friends,

welcome to the site of “Tango Delta Tango” group, Italian Division.

Our group is widespread in 20 European countries as well as in 6 other countries around the world. The numbers are obviously indicative because we are constantly growing.

The group was founded around 1998 in the Netherlands by the will of 4 operators named Harold, Rob, Jos and Wil. Its name comes from the international wording of the letters T.D.T. which stand for Tilburg DX Team. Tilburg is the country where the group was founded, DX is a hobby activity of radio information with amateur equipment. Generally, each DX also corresponds to the creation and sending of a new postcard at the end of the connection. Team means group.

Dear friends, greetings from our T.D.T. group. Thanks for the attention you are showing us. Thank you!

GOOD DX and GOOD LUCK by the radio group T.D.T. "THE NETHERLANDS".
St. Jozefkerk Heuvelkerk
Willem Re
House Petrus Donders
Royal Palace of King William II
Jos  & Rob
Jos &  Wil
Wil , Rob & Jos
Wil & Rob & Jos
Wil e Jos
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